Welcome to the TELSTAR website! TELSTAR is a randomized clinical trial concerning the treatment of electrographic status epilepticus after cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The trial is initiated by the University of Twente and funded by the Dutch National Epilepsy Fund (Epilepsiefonds).

This website serves as a resource for investigators and contains the following:

  • A quick menu for access to the randomization tool, e-CRF, study protocol and relevant documents (green buttons on the left).
  • An abstract of the study protocol, accesible via the menu item abstract.
  • Enrolment provides an overview of all procedures between the initiation of continuous EEG and randomization.
  • Study procedures provides an overview of all procedures between randomization and the end of study.
  • Documents contains relevant study documents and forms, ordered per participating center.
  • The menu item contact provides contact details and information about the composition of the TELSTAR study team.

For patients, their relatives, and other interested visitors without a medical background, information is available via the menu item Patient information (in Dutch only).

Latest news

  • 24 January 2022: the follow-up period has ended, one year after the enrolment of the last subject
  • 8 July 2021: the Statistical Analysis Plan is ready and available